New Release wines to make your palms sweaty

New Release wines to make your palms sweaty

A real tasty time of year calls for an even tastier release of new wines! Mr Hyde tends to hibernate over winter. With spring comes a wardrobe change and an amazing array of new releases.

Bliss Riesling

The Bliss Riesling stays true to its name - vibrant as ever and rips you straight over to that island paradise you tend to find yourself daydreaming about. Don your favourite holiday shirt and crack open this bright, zesty and aromatic Riesling with your favourite Thai dish.

The Summer Bod
A wine dedicated to our friends who hang onto their winter coats longer than expected. It’s time to groom, manicure and manscape for Summer. This Malbec Rosè unleashes aromas of strawberries and cream. The palate explodes with juicy tropical fruits. Drink in waist high water without getting your hair wet.

The Full Monty

Our biggest crowd pleaser is exposed for another vintage. Un-clothed and un-apologetic as ever, The Montepulciano over delivers again this year. Booming, sweet dark fruit. Chalky tannins. Un-filtered good times. Pairs well with your in-laws.

Femme Fatale

The newest and most seductive addition to the Mr. Hyde range - The Femme Fatale Grenache. A wine created to expose Mr. Hyde’s feminine side and showcase a varietal that is the unsung hero of the Clare Valley. Medium bodied and erupting with luscious red fruits, this is the cheeky devil we like to drag out of the cellar for life’s mischievous moments.

The Pole Dancer

Our winemaker’s pick of the new releases. Appropriately named, this Nebbiolo is light in colour but packs plenty of grip on the palate – much like a good pole dancer. The bouquet reels you in and leaves you begging for more.  


Insanely good. Crafted by genius.

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